Conserve water, save money, and reduce hassle. 

Increased usage, drought conditions, and inefficiencies in water systems mean demand for water is outpacing supply. And prices are skyrocketing. Banyan Water helps clients control water costs through smart technologies and comprehensive, managed services. Savings begin immediately, and most clients reduce annual water use by 50-70%. 

We call it Smart Water Management. And we’re the only ones doing it. Water agencies can get water to a customer, but water and sewer then becomes the customer’s responsibility, without a motivated expert to guide decisions and implement solutions. Other companies in the sector focus on selling a product to meet a particular need, rather than a comprehensive service to manage a customer’s water and sewer use. For the most part, water is managed reactively, and with manual labor.

Banyan Water is changing all of this for our clients. We've combined water expertise with technology improvements in metering, wireless communications and software – and we’re using it to empower clients with data-driven water management. The result? They conserve water, save money, and reduce hassle.


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Businesses are discovering they need a water strategy as a part of their long-term plan. Water restrictions, tiered pricing and drought are impacting business operations. 

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In 2015 alone, Banyan Water saved clients 383 million gallons of water, representing a 60% savings. That’s enough water to supply about 32,000 homes for a month.

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