Water Savings for Multifamily Housing, Offices and Campuses

Saving water matters. Whether you’re looking to reduce operating costs, achieve sustainability goals, or increase NOI, Banyan Water’s water management software can help.

Banyan Water uses technology to make it easy for large properties to save water. Our technology tracks, analyzes, and optimizes indoor and outdoor water use across a property, and verifies water savings each month, resulting in up to 70% water savings.

Save Water. Save Money. Save Time. 

Water efficiency is a great way to simultaneously add value for our investors and our residents, and Banyan’s solutions accomplish that and more.
— Ralph Pickett, President and CEO, LivCor

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Businesses are discovering they need a water strategy as a part of their long-term plan. Water restrictions, tiered pricing and drought are impacting business operations. 

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In 2015 alone, Banyan Water saved clients 383 million gallons of water, representing a 60% savings. That’s enough water to supply about 32,000 homes for a month.

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