Real-Time Water Flow Monitor

Real-Time Water Flow Monitor

Water Flow Monitoring

Understand and manage water use.

You know you use a lot of water. But how, and where? With water rates rising exponentially, you can’t afford to not know. Banyan Water’s Flow Monitoring solutions, the Banyan Water Bracelet and Irrigation Insight, deliver real-time water intelligence to help clients understand and more effectively manage water use. 

Most property and building managers only find out how much water is used 60 days later, when the bill arrives. Our Flow Monitoring solutions help you estimate water costs in advance. Then dashboards let you know – in real time – when your consumption is outpacing your expected use. The system also detects and alerts you of any leaks or other spikes in use. And when you need to audit or validate utility readings, the system acts as a “shadow meter” to compare to the water company’s meter – but with much higher data granularity. 


Banyan Water Bracelet

The Banyan Water Bracelet is a water flow meter that provides real-time intelligence to control indoor water use and cost with no water main pipe cutting or service disruption. This non-invasive approach provides flexibility to monitor water use at whatever location best achieves the system insight to drive efficiency efforts on your property.

Irrigation Insight

System leaks are responsible for a significant portion of irrigation water waste, so we designed Irrigation Insight to address exactly this efficiency opportunity. Our flow monitoring solution  tracks water use in your irrigation system in real time and alerts you to any leaks or anomalies. Through Banyan Water Central, our web platform, you can react to alerts by shutting off the water to your irrigation system to avoid further water waste or property damage until the system is repaired. Irrigation Insight is designed to work with any irrigation control solution and can help you avoid big surprises when your water bill arrives.


Flow Monitoring benefits

Whether you’re monitoring water inside or out, our Flow Monitoring system includes the following features to keep you in control of your water use. 

Efficiency through visibility

  • Real-time flow, consumption, and cost data are accessible from any Internet-connected device on Banyan Water Central.

  • Banyan Water Central’s dashboards display key performance indicators to help you understand water use patterns and guide water efficiency efforts throughout your portfolio.

Real-time leak detection

  • Alerts quickly identify and notify you of water leaks, unexpected use, overuse, and patterns that fall outside of expected parameters.

  • Real-time analytics and alerts help you proactively reduce water-related risk throughout your portfolio.

Proactive cost management with SmartRate

  • Our SmartRate feature translates water use into financial data based on your current and specific water and sewer rates. 

  • With accurate real-time cost data available on Banyan Water Central, you can make informed water management decisions to save on your water and sewer bill.  

  • Our usage and cost data can help support billing disputes and substantiate re-billing to tenants.



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How Flow Monitoring Works:

  • We attach a flow meter to each of your water mains.

  • Our system collects flow and usage data to establish baselines that represent normal use patterns.

  • Web dashboards and system alerts help you more efficiently manage water and avoid costly usage anomalies.

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